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Gesapro, one of my life’s passions! This is how I would define my company in a nutshell. For me it is and has been like raising my own child. A decade ago I was already working on the company project and business plan. I am very proud of the illusion, enthusiasm and dedicated effort, together with the great team that made it up. The moves came as a result of discovering a great need for many people that was not being met. From that moment on, we have been working day after day to be better, always without rest and with important, real and achievable goals. We continue with a very important growth projection and this year, we have great news in store.

Leandro Rodriguez

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As many clients say in our reviews, from the first contact with our office colleagues, the seriousness and professionalism with which we relate to our future clients, we are very empathetic, we know perfectly the situation they are living, which is often very delicate (urgent changes of address, divorces, business closures, express travel, etc). Once the moving day arrives, the guys show up very punctual, usually before the hour, maximum education and respect for the client and his things, a very important part, where we make him feel as calm as possible. Once the guys have been with the client for a few minutes, seeing us working and checking the internal communication between us, they feel that they have not made a mistake and that they have chosen the best company. Personally, it is clear to me that we are very, very good and that we are constantly working to be better. An example I give my team is… Real Madrid or Barcelona, do they want to win the Champions League every year or once in their history? Every year, right? and for that they work very hard constantly to be the best year after year, because we are always improving the good things and we are always looking for excellence, as a good friend of mine says.

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Very good service. Economical and complete. The guys are very nice and competent. Recommended.

Carlos Ramos

Good treatment, great professionalism and proximity to the customer, and very affordable prices, I recommend it. Leandro, great professional and understanding. All the positive reviews are absolutely true.

Sebastian Peña

They take care of each package when moving, professional, serious, I can make the move calmly and confidently. Great equipment. Thank you very much for such a good service.

Devi sandra

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