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Renting space for your belongings for a short or long period of time. We will also pick it up, pack it and store it.

A furniture repository is an extra space that solves the need to store your furniture for a specific period of time, either because you have no space in your home, premises or office, you want to clear out your home, or you want to keep your furniture safe while you have a renovation or move.

In any of these circumstances our furniture storage rental service is at your disposal, and our staff will help you by advising you on how much space you need and the access to dispose of your belongings.



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Security Systems

Our facilities are equipped with surveillance systems to ensure the safekeeping and custody of your furniture.

Competitive Pricing

The efficient management of our company allows us to lower the cost of our services, which is passed on to the client.

Door To Door

With our “picking” service, just tell us where and when and we will drop off all or part of your merchandise.

Access 365 Days

You can access your belongings any day of the year, with a minimum notice period.

What sets us apart

The Best Professionals

Our team is in a continuous learning process to offer the best possible service.

Extremely Careful

We provide extreme protection to all the objects and furniture we move.

Assemblies and Disassemblies

We dismantle and assemble any type of furniture.

Our success figures, with more than

Years of experience

Satisfied customers

Rented furniture storage

What they say about us

Very good service. Economical and complete. The guys are very nice and competent. Recommended.

Carlos Ramos

Good treatment, great professionalism and proximity to the customer, and very affordable prices, I recommend it. Leandro, great professional and understanding. All the positive reviews are absolutely true.

Sebastian Peña

They take care of each package when moving, professional, serious, I can make the move calmly and confidently. Great equipment. Thank you very much for such a good service.

Devi sandra